"New look, same great gin. 
Starting with a love story, our distillery has grown and developed into something great. Fusing science and creativity, bringing our customers dynamic flavours and outstanding quality. Always. 
Whilst looking for new ways to house our gin, we encountered an issue. Realising importing glass from overseas, just to be shipped back that way for export was creating a whole lot of waste we were just not happy with. Finding an alternative on our own shores seemed like the obvious solution. And it was. Whilst the financial cost may be more significant, the environmental cost has no price. We are beyond proud to share that we are now using 100% recycled glass bottles used and reused in Aotearoa. Paired with our labels, a bottle you can be proud to pour from.
From start to end, our process continues to develop and grow. Reflecting the rich history from our special slice of the world, Golden Bay. Artists and artisans rub shoulders with farmers and fishermen, and the abundant natural resources have made the region a hotspot for high quality cuisine and drink. We continue to grow our practices, but our values will always remain the same."
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